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July 05, 2009

Eye spy ... something I love about my suburb

I am playing along with Cindy's Eye Spy meme each Sunday. This week the gorgeous Ellieboo picked the theme, asking that we show something we love or hate about our suburb.

Well, here I am at latitude -37.817, longitude 145.199.

I like a great deal about my coordinates. Its quiet, green and leafy here. The air is fresh; the people friendly. There are some very lovely old houses dotted about. The train clicketty-clacks through the middle of my locality with regularity. There are monthly craft and farmers' markets in walking distance. And if you need sushi, good coffee and or a collectible teddy bear in hurry its all just round the corner in the little suburban shopping strip.

There's no mistaking, however, that I am most definitely out in the "burbs". My home is 21 kilometres east of the Melbourne city centre. I used to live in inner city areas and sometimes miss the lively buzz a little.

But then I wouldn't swap the view above for the world. Once a year there is a beautiful fireworks display ... and I have a ringside seat out in the garden. I love it.

Thank you to Cindy for hosting Eye Spy and to Ellieboo for the great theme. To discover more suburbs, head over here.


  1. Your very own fireworks display - now that is special. And thank heavens you are never going to run out of collectible teddy bears, because that would be disastrous.

  2. Hey..that's a great distance out. Just far away enough for some peace, but close enough to actually get somewhere if the need arises!

  3. good to know that if the world needs to be saved by teddy bears and sushi we know where to get some ;)

  4. Damn, my little slice of suburbia has no teedys or sushi. Thats it. I'm moving!



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