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July 01, 2009

Bling, bling

(With apologies to Abba's "Ring Ring")

I was sorting through my clothes
I was assessing all of those
That I shouldn't wear now that I'm a bit past forty
Experts say nothing terribly tight
Or too short, bold or bright
There's so little choice now that I'm over the hill and warty

And I'm down and feeling blue
Cos I dont know what to do with ...

Bling, bling. Can I still wear it at all?
Bling, bling: see I bought more than one ball
Bling, bling: I fear its my downfall
And I sit here admiring it secretly
Will people understand the need in me?
To wear bling, bling (I really don't mean to appall).
So bling, bling, I'm secretly knitting a ball

Four balls of merino/nylon/lame blend yarn bought on sale. A completely inappropriate purchase, but ahhh .... so shiny.


  1. Oh yes! Why not bling? One of the good things about being over forty is not caring about those rules about what you should do/wear/be when you are over forty (well, that's how I try to reduce my own cognitive dissonance)

  2. Bling, bling. You can still wear it for sure.
    Bling, bling: wearing it, you'll have a ball.
    Bling, bling: Wear it, be proud, stand up tall.

  3. Bling it up girlfriend. See you in one sleep!

  4. I'm not a blingy kind of person. But if I were, I would absolutely wear it if I wanted to. :p

  5. Can't top Nikki Cardigan! You go for it, honey! Lisa.

  6. Blingarama! Can't wait to see it. x


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