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May 29, 2009

I'll sew you mine, if you sew me yours

I've been remiss. There is someone dear to me who I have never introduced to you. I speak of her occasionally, but never by name.

So here she is.

Meet my machine: Janome Decor 3018.

We first met - by chance - four years ago. After a brief flirtation in a shop, I bought her home and did some unspeakable things to her. Then put her in a cupboard. We renewed our acquaintance periodically, but always in the company of others. People who understood her better. Then last year I learnt to sew and we've been inseparable since.

She has served me well through all manner of projects. What her manual has lacked in explanation, her computerised stitches have made up for in simplicity. We're steadfast friends.

Do you sew? What's the story of your machine? Would you like to show it off ?


  1. (Warning! Long comment ahead :) )

    Last year I had been complaining to my husband about not having a hobby or anything to do that I enjoy. I was working 40 hours a week and hadn't taken a day off for several months. When I would come home I had dishes and laundry and tv and I felt totally lifeless.

    I had sewn when I was younger (my grandma taught me most of what I needed to know) and I had been considering getting back into it, but all I had was my mom's 1970's cheap sewing machine that rattled and squealed like crazy and a few bobbins. And I had little time to actually go out and buy everything I needed to start making myself some clothes.

    One day I came home from work and found our bed covered in a dozen presents all different sizes and wrapped in wrapping paper. My husband had used our tax refund to buy a sewing machine, a dress form, pins, needles, thread, rulers, scissors, and a bunch of other stuff that I needed to start my sewing hobby.

    I was speechless!

    He had gone to the fabric store and asked the saleslady to help him find everything that was needed to make a dress. He was able to buy nearly everything on sale (I was so proud of him!) and came home with a lot of cool stuff.

    My machine is also a Janome, though I don't know what model! I've tried looking on the box and the receipt and even on the internet to find my exact type and I haven't found it. It's a basic model, I think, but with lots of stitches which is fun :) My husband told him the saleslady said the Janome is one of the best machines on the market and I really do love it! Runs like a dream!

    I've been sewing ever since. Made a few dresses, a couple tops, and a skirt. I also made table runners for all my family members for Christmas. I also just started getting into quilting and I love it! It was definitely well worth spending our tax refund :)

  2. I have heard so many good things about Janome machines :) she is a nice looking machine.

    I have a neechi sewing machine that has never caused me any problems and has more stitches then I will ever use lol I had never heard of the brand before but I haven't had any problems with it. I got my first machine for my 13 birthday and I don't have it now (way too heavy to ship) but dad still uses it I'm told. I was so happy to get a machine at that age (plus a voodoo doll lol), my friends thought I was odd :p

  3. I think my Janome is your Janome's Gran. Mine is from a time gone by, with no buttons, or display. A simpler time when it was all about knobs. Slow and steady she goes, but has never failed me :)

  4. I recently gave away my rather plainer Janome Decor 5018 - we had an up-and-down relationship, and she's been replaced by a Brother Innovis 400, who has rather more bells and whistles, most of which I probably don't need, but which I'm off shortly to learn how to use!

    Oh, and the machine I first learned to sew on was an old knee-press, straight-stitch-only Singer, which my mother later gave away to some acquaintance of no consequence (my sister's boyfriends brother's girlfriend's best friend's hamster, or something), which I will probably never forgive her for.

  5. First, that Erin is a LUCKY woman!

    I used to have a machine that was my grandmother's first electric sewing machine. A singer, I'd say 50's era, my mom has some vague memories of her mom getting it when she was still pretty little - it may have been used. It was passed to my mother when gran got a new one and then on to me. It got to the point that it would have been too expensive for me to repair. So I went without. Then my father-in-law found out I liked to sew and he gave me his. He sewed sails for his small sail boat as a hobby but stopped doing it. I'd guess it is an 80's model - a singer.


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