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March 22, 2009

Eye spy ... something beautiful in my backyard

I am playing along with Cindy's Eye Spy meme each Sunday. This week Monica of Beyond Pink and Blue asked us to spy something beautiful in our backyard.

Oh dear. The truth comes out now.

Dear Garden,

While I love having you, I'm afraid I am just not in love with you. And frankly its not me - its you. (Well, maybe its a little bit me, but lets move on quickly.)

Its time to be honest - you're just not making much of an effort. Summer was such a disappointment. You lazed about doing sod all: the fruit and vegies died; the flowers were decimated; the lawn was toast. You seem to have lost all interest in your appearance. And I can't say I like some of the company you are keeping. Those untidy hakeas and nasty cypresses are shady characters, who have been nothing but trouble.

Now, the final insult: you're about to embarrass me in front of my friends. I simply can't see something beautiful for looking. So I've been forced to trot out this super close-up photo of a Taraxacum Officinale and hope no-one spots its true identity.

Thanks for nothing, Garden.
Hoppo Bumpo

Thank you to Cindy for hosting Eye Spy and to Monica for the fun theme. To see some beautiful gardens, head over here.


  1. Oh the horror!! When I was four years old, I got one of those fluffy bits from the dandelion puff ball in my ear. The big kid down the street blew it at me and as a four year old stupid child, I managed to push it deeper in.

    I had to go to the emergency room and have them removed with super long tweezers. I still recoil at seeing them!

  2. He he he... maybe our garden should get together and be friends!

  3. Ha!!! Well, my daughter would think that was beautiful, and if you've got lots of them she'd love to come over. Of course, when she was done you'd be sure to have thousands of them in a month or so!!

  4. That's why I do very little in the garden. It often ends in disappointment!

  5. Yes my garden too needs to take a good long hard look at itself. It really isn't good enough at all.

  6. I'm in, too. Except I have a flowering red thing -- a vine -- that is blooming madly despite the crazy summer we had. It's my ray of hope in the dead-dry wilderness.

  7. I'm with Sarah on this one.... my girls love these 'magical' weeds! We call them fairy wishes and the rule is when you spot on, you must yank it out and blow for all it's worth.

    I think you need to blow one and wish for the garden you desire. hehehe

    Thanks for dropping by and YES the store bought lettuces are nothing compared to these!!

  8. :o)
    I think that my garden will stop coming to play with yours. Your has such a bad influence on mine.


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