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February 24, 2009

The wishlist of unattainables

What would you have in your home if you could? Do you have a secret hankering for something a little unusual? For something seemingly unattainable?

This was been my long-standing list ...
  • Industrial doughnut moulder and cooker
  • Brannock foot-measuring device
  • Commercial pattern books
  • Ride-on floor polisher
  • Boom gate

That was, until this weekend past. When bingo ... I found the pattern books going for a song.

So with a tall stool and an improvised reading slope, I should be able to recreate the experience of pattern searches in my very own home. Of course, to faithfully replicate the store environment, I shall make sure there's only a stubby broken pencil with which to record my pattern choices.

Now .... on to the boom gate ...


  1. If it is anything like my local pattern shop it will not have a stub of a pencil rather it will require memory skills above and beyond only to result in the pattern 'not being kept in stock.'

  2. I am with Trashalou you will need a 16 year old girl that doesn't care telling you they don't have it in stock until you get down to your 10th preference. Love retail.

    See you tonight!

  3. A girl's gotta have dreams hey! Can I come and work in your pattern shop?

  4. I love your list - every home should have a boom gate! I also a wine glass that holds a complete bottle of wine.

  5. I've always wondered why I can't borrow pattern books from the library. Nothing like browsing in the comfort of your own home. Where did you source them from please??!!

  6. If you ever find that industrial doughnut maker, I'll be straight over for donuts!

  7. Yeah, my eyes stopped at the doughnut maker, too.

    If you were to have your own pattern shop experience, you'd need bad flourescent lighting and lots of rattly metal filing cabinets in inspiring battleship grey.

    On another matter, do you crochet?

  8. A boom gate?? Like one they have in car parks??

  9. "I shall make sure there's only a stubby broken pencil with which to record my pattern choices.".. that's hilarious !!

  10. a ride-on floor polisher would be fun :D lol

    I wish I had room for a drafting table, would make thing so much easier. Couldn't have a ride on floor polisher though, as fun as it would be I wouldn't get any drawing done lol

  11. When I was growing up my mom had a large ironing machine. It had a big cylinder for the pad part and it was operated by knee pedals. I loved ironing my Dad's white handkerchiefs with that thing.

    What is a boom gate?

  12. Ha ha, I agree with Trashalou, no pencil at all is more realistic! I have started writing the numbers as a message on my phone, and saving it to drafts, then I have it when I get to the counter. Spotlight Braybrook don't have pencils OR magazines! But they do sell old pattern books quite cheap.

    I also need a big table to cut on, is it just me but do you get to old and creaky to cut out on the floor? Ow, knee ache!

    What is a Brannock foot-measuring device?

  13. Looking forward to the pic of the boom gate installation

  14. The patterns books were found at Lincraft ($5 each).

    A Brannock foot measuring device is one of those things you pop your foot on to see what your shoe size (length and width) is.

    Hmmm, I'm not sure of other names for a boom gate ... maybe a barrier? The sort of red and white stripey thing you see at toll booths and railway crossings, if that helps?

  15. Hi ya,

    thanks for the comments re the lunch wraps. The outside is simple cotton poplin...actually I'm sure you could use any cotton - this is great project for unused lengths too. Of course the inside plastic is a zip lock bag!



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