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February 27, 2009

Never felt better

So, I dropped a wine bottle on my foot; from a height.
Used hairspray instead of deoderant (sheeesh ... yes, for real).
Found a two metre trail of ants leading to an unidentified scrap of something left in my handbag by a child.

But the day is saved with a little felt therapy. Warm and fuzzy.

Hand-dyed pure wool felt from Little Sparrow.


  1. "I dropped a wine bottle on my foot"
    ouch. hope its ok and the ants don't spread to other places

  2. Sounds like a shocker.

    I've been looking for beautiful felt to work with. Thanks for the link.

  3. Yes, I too just recently sprayed hairspray in my armpits instead of deodorant - very sticky! Also, there is a felt store just around the corner from you in Park Orchards - they also have lovely felt - you may already know about it. http://www.winterwoodtoys.com.au/

  4. My grandpa did the same thing - only he was spraying his hair with deodorant. For a whole month! Until he said to Nan, 'Gees, that hairspray doesn't work well, but it sure smells nice.' Oops!
    Hope your foot doesn't hurt too much : (

  5. Ahhh ants! They seem to be everywhere at the moment. We have the small see-through kind in our bathrooms, the small black kind in the kitchen and reptile cages, the big red meat eater kind outside near the driveway, and the green tropical ants that create those big football sized nests throughout the garden! Oh yeah, and green ants all over the lawns. I think they're thinking the flooding might reach down to central QLD instead of staying up north. Ahh well, could be worse. At least I haven't sprayed hairspray in my arm pits, or dropped a bottle on my foot ;-D

  6. Oooh, I'm loving although your gorgeous felts! Beautiful colours - do you have plans for it all?

  7. My gran sprayed her hair with fly spray instead of hair spray when I was a kid. We thought it was hilarious :)

  8. Ouch
    and Cooooool
    What a day!


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