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February 23, 2009


With prolonged fires, our avian friends are on the move. Out of the once beautiful bush and into built-up, suburban areas.

We have heard the unusual tink, tink, tink melody of the Bell Miners, as they take up residence in the eucalypts. Bands of flashy, brash Rainbow Lorikeets have shifted into the neighbours' fruit trees.

And then this morning these guys moved in.

A raucous gang of Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos. Perched on our roof; on our little garden shed; on our tinier bird feeder. Wing-spans too large for our suburban garden, but honoured visitors nonetheless.


  1. The cockatoos are noisy aren't they? Still nice to see such big birds gracing your garden!

  2. We're hearing bellbirds, too! (love it)

  3. Gorgeous birds to see, even though its because of a horrible situation. Would love to see one on our bird table (but it would probably be someone's escaped pet :p)

  4. So sad they are here under such terrible circumstances but they are so beautiful to have around.

  5. I guess lots of birds will be looking for new homes.

    As I scrolled down I thought your feline guest was part of the same post for one horrific second!

  6. Those birds are so beautiful. I love to see them "in the wild" even if they are probably a bit displaced right now.


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