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February 13, 2009

Buy a carry case - help the bushfire appeal

Do you have a precious gadget that came without a carry case?
Are you prone to a little wanton destruction?

It sounds like you need help ...

As part of Handmade Help I have just listed this handmade soft carry case on eBay. The case would be suitable for a small gadget such as a camera, phone or GPS.

The fabric I have used is a much treasured piece of Liberty print tana lawn. I hope someone will love this print as much as I do - I am not sure of its name but it reminds me of both butterfly wings and stained glass. The colours are beautiful.

The Liberty print is enclosed in a protective outer shell of clear PVC and is bound with a black satin trim. The lining is in a cosy black felt and the case features a soft tie that won't damage your gadget.

The case will fit a gadget up to about 8 cm(H) x 13 cm(L) x 1½ cm(W) - or - 3⅛" (H) x 5⅛" (L) x ½" (W).

If you would like to bid on this carry case, you can find the listing over here. The auction is starting at just $0.99 and postage is completely free worldwide.

At the conclusion of the auction I will donate 100% of the sale value to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Due to legalities regarding eBay listings and charitable donations, I'm not actually permitted to say this on the eBay listing. Instead you will find a link to the Handmade Help website.

I hope someone will be interested in this one-of-a-kind carry case ... its for a very, very good cause!

For more details about Handmade Help, including how to participate or buy other handmade items please follow this link.


  1. Oooh this would be perfect for my iPod!!

  2. So lovely! That fabric is just delicious.

  3. That is lovely Liesl - I cannot believe you have only been sewing for a year - you are so darn good. I think you have found your calling. I hope it fetches a hefty sum as it deserves.

  4. Gees I wish people would stop outbidding me on this! Congrats on all the bids, it's going crazy over on your listing.

  5. Oooh hello Hoppo! I've come out of hiatus to see what happened at Nikki's sewing bee on the weekend. What a gorgeous creation, and beautiful fabric! And now I'm off to see this Handmade Help site- I've got some bibs which could go up for auction. Good luck with the auction and see you soon byeeeeeee!


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