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January 31, 2009

Just a minute ... in January

Before the first month of 2009 slips away, I am joining in with Jenaveve's Just a minute meme. So, this month I have been ...

Growing ...
... pretty flowers. The start of the month saw a lovely floral display: cream and apricot roses, pink and blue hydrangeas, echinacea, cornflowers and dianthus. Sadly in the last few days the beautiful colours disappeared. The flowers died and the leaves on many of the ornamental plants browned and withered as the garden became tinder dry. The photos above are my last memory of a colourful garden. The food garden, on the other hand, has fought the good fight; eeking out an existence on recycled water. Three tomatoes were harvested. And take note people, if you have brown thumbs, plant watermelons. Apparently they are virtually indestructible.

... the wonderful Cook's Book: Patisserie by Loretta Satori. The author is a very talented pastry chef who wrote this as a text for culinary students. I love reading about the food science behind creating cakes, desserts and an array of fancy bakery items. However, the fascination really stops there. I don't think you will be seeing any fancy gateaux or petit-fours, coming out of the kitchen here at Chez Hoppo Bumpo any time soon. At best there might be a batch of scones.

.. the delightful World of Peter Rabbit and Friends. These gentle and beautifully animated tales from Beatrix Potter have made a nice change from the senses-assaulting programs presented for littlies. (Luckily Argy and Bargy enjoy the program too, so I can keep up the pretence that we are watching for their sake.) And despite having no interest in cars (other than getting from point A to B), I have also been enjoying a bit of Top Gear. The original UK version of course(afterall, how could you ever replace Jeremy, James and Richard? Global syndication has much to answer for. )

... of my fictitious Hoppo Bumpo business. The one where I make little children's trousers and sell them on Etsy. This week I surprised myself and washed three bolts of corduroy in preparation for cutting. Apparently you can dry a bolt in an hour, when the temperature hits 43 degrees. I can't say the cutting and sewing will be quite so quick.

To see who else is playing along with Just a minute ... head over to Jenaveve's blog, August Street.


  1. Before you know, you'll have a shop. Maybe even sell something, unlike mine! I never thought i'd have a shop, so a sale is really insignificant, I guess. And i've just registered my business name, no idea what i'll do with it, but little baby steps, I say. You bloggers are my inspiration, I say pat yourself on the back for making things for your boys, first!

  2. Hoppo Bumpo will not be just a dream even if I have to nag you into submission. You CAN SO DO IT!!

  3. I love a bit of UK Top Gear too (and I even quite liked the aussie version).
    Yippee for the Hoppo Bumpo Shop!

  4. Yes, it's unfortunate but I have to say the Oz version of Top Gear just cannot compare with the UK boys. Clarkson is unique and hilarious, and the three of them together are irreplaceable.

    I feel for your garden... hoping there'll be an end to this harsh weather.

  5. I love the animated Peter Rabbit stories - the narration is also beautiful, along with the musical score.


  6. I did a dessert class with Loretta a couple of years ago at essential ingredient and loved it

  7. Drying a whole load of new fabrics in under an hour is the only benefit of hot weather, imo.

    And Go, you, with the shop! I don't know why you haven't done it already!!! :D

  8. Hi,
    Like your blog very much..Nice flowers....Thanks for posting this blog.


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