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January 18, 2009

Eye spy ... a taste of summer

Trawool Victoria - 18 January 2009

I am playing along with Cindy's fun Eye Spy meme each Sunday. This week the very talented AnastasiaC of Anastacia Drawing and Dreaming suggested thinking of something that reminds us of summer.

This is my taste of summer: a warm northerly wind, impossibly blue sky and parched landscape. The rolling brown hills and plains seem synonymous with an Australian summer (I'm sure that the wonderful poet, Dorothea Mackellar, was writing about summer in her work My country).

Thank you to Cindy at Bug and Pop who is hosting Eye Spy and to AnastasiaC for the nice warm theme. To see who else is playing, head over here.


  1. You can't beat lovely brown grass to remind you of summer!

  2. That really is a Victorian summer! Makes me hot just looking at it.

  3. A fantastically evocative poem - thanks so much for linking to it!

    One line puzzles me, and maybe you can help:
    "all tragic to the moon"


    Thanks again -


  4. I love the photo! I can feel that prickly grass under my feet already.

  5. The sky always seems so much Bigger in summer, doesn't it?

  6. I am flat on my back, fan on high, trying to hold my boiling hot laptop away from me and not really succeeding..do I really need ANOTHER reminder of summer?? lol


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