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January 07, 2009

The accident and the plaster

Poor Argy dented his beautiful smile yesterday.

As one might suspect, three-year-old teeth are no match for a vitreous china basin. A piece of a front tooth was sheared clean off in a fleeting bathroom mishap. Actually, when I say clean, that is not strictly true. We both recoiled in horror at the growing sanguineous mess - Argy asking thickly through a cut lip .... mum, what's all that red stuff?

I guess Argy's lack of familiarity with the red stuff, means that we have been remarkably lucky: no bloody accidents to date. Casting my mind back, there has been one quite bloodless accident involving a dislocated elbow and nothing more than the occasional scrapped knee. I know this run of luck can't last forever though. The sticking plasters and antiseptic remain firmly in the forefront of the first aid kit.

But back to the dented smile. We decided it best to get Argy's mouth checked. Luckily Maisy, Charley and the Wobbly Tooth, has been a high rotation storybook here at Chez Hoppo Bumpo. Armed with a detailed knowledge about the dentist's office, Argy duly sat in the large chair and made big ahhhh noises while the dentist poked gently about in his mouth. And I don't even think the dentist minded too much being referred to as Dr Biteright. (Personally I would be more inclined to call him Dr ScareThePantsOffYou with his remote-worst-case-scenario talk of nerve damage and pediatric root canal work.)

So nothing more to do for the time being other than wait and see how the tooth fares. In the meantime, Argy and I recovered with a little craft project.

If you are looking for the mother of all messy projects to try with a 3 year-old, do try plaster.

We used a fun product called Sculpture Wrap Plaster Cloth. The blurb on the packaging promises it to be quick drying. Indeed it was. It dried quickly on the floor, on our clothes, on several door handles and in my hair. I do believe a little bit of it might have even dried quite quickly as I was doing the washing-up in the kitchen sink (but please don't remind Mr HB of this the next time we have an inexplicable drain blockage).

So we made a tunnel and dried it according to instructions in the oven for 15 minutes. Its all ready for a light sand and some nice acrylic paint. According to Argy, its going to be red. Clearly the colour of the day.


  1. Yikes - I was actually gritting my teeth whilst reading about Argy's mishap. Glad little A did ok in the dentist's chair - he is a braver man than I

  2. Oh dear! Poor little guy & poor mum.

  3. I hope his tooth works out but what a COOL tunnel. Even I did not do plaster with my boys (I know terrible mum!)

    Actually the thought of the mess and hubby realing in horror of the drains being blocked... not something I could manage...

  4. Uh oh, teeth things make me particularly queasy. Poor Argy. Poor Mummy.

    As for the tunnel, that is awesome, very inspiring. Would love to see the end product, cause I really dig it!

  5. what a day! poor little guy.
    hope that it all ends up o.k. tooth/tunnel/sink.

  6. Commiserations, been there and done that with my very adventurous 3.5 yo courtesy of the bath. Despite dire predictions so far we still have two lovely white teeth in residence. I'm just hoping his adult teeth won't meet the same fate. With 3 boys, I'm expecting several trips to medical facilities over the years, I'm just hoping they will be for small things...*crosses fingers*. I also have a ready stash of SOOV and bandaids for just in case!

  7. Oh no! I hope all turns out OK with the said tooth.

  8. Poor baby! Hope it turns out ok. Do keep us posted.

  9. Ouch..poor kiddo! But cool tunnel! I never did plaster with the kids, either. But, I did hand them the plaster, and couple of buckets, and sent them outside..does that count? :p

  10. Ohhhh no. I just finished part 3 of a root canal procedure the other day.. mmm.. the whole thing was a bit traumatic (more for my wallet than my mouth though!!). I hope it's not worst case with Argy!

    Oh and plaster cloth was my all time favourite. So much fun! That tunnel looks great.


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