Hoppo Bumpo (n): A children's game. Played by folding one's arms and hopping on one leg. Aim is to bump opponents, so that they lose their balance. Last person standing wins.

December 23, 2008

The jive

Hoppo Bumpo's to-do list
  • Complete Christmas sewing
  • Organise fabulous party frock
  • Finalise lunch menu
  • Finish shopping
  • Clean house
  • Wrap presents
  • Make gingerbread cottage

Its only two days until Christmas and I am not seeing a lot of crossing out happening on the "to-do" list. When I say not a lot, what I really mean is none at all.

Its a pity I don't have an item called find brand-new-with-tags ladies' pyjamas in my size at the Op Shop, because I could definitely tick that off. I'm wondering if I can wear the pyjamas as a pant suit on Christmas Day? It might just divert the family's attention from the lack of food and presents.

See how fabulous the print is? Apparently these girls are doing the jive, the shake and the spin. Much like I hope to be on Christmas Day.


  1. You should definitely wear them. If you're not going to can I come over and borrow them for my Christmas Day trip to the zoo? Just fabulous.

  2. Yes, I suppose I should get to it with the house cleaning and wrapping of presents. 7 hours to go her at Chez KCCO! Fabulous party frock? How about trackie dacks and T-shirt?
    Merry Christmas : )

  3. What cute PJ's!! Good luck in getting everything on your list completed in time. Have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for 2009!

  4. I'm LOVING that print. Perfect for Xmas day jiving around the tree.


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