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December 15, 2008

Is less really more?

I just don't know how to leave well alone.

I cannot bring myself to believe that less really is better. I'm more your more-is-more girl. I am the one who will always add that extra flourish, flounce, trim or sparkly thing (or all of the above ... together ... all at once ... then some).

Case in point: this gift card holder that I made yesterday. It quite clearly ended up with one of everything on it. Minimalism, schmininalism.

Can you imagine the magnitude of the disaster waiting, should I ever try and design bridal wear?


  1. Oh more is always better, especially at christmas, it is like the national holiday for sequins

  2. More is always more better... especially when it involves pink and sparkles!
    If you're going to wear a bit white meringue then why not make the most of it.

  3. ooh nice...I think minimimalism is over rated. Bling it on.

  4. I'm sure you'd have 100000s of people wanting blinged up more-is-always-better bridal gear! I thought that was (almost) every bride's dream???

    The card is cute. I like how it ties up. And when it comes to homemade cards, more is definitely, always more.

  5. hehehehe, can't wait to see the bridal range! :)

  6. I'm with flossy-p. I want to see the bridal range.

  7. more is definately MORE! I like MORE, I need MORE, give me MORE!

  8. Hey - you can NEVER have enough sparkle. Never.

    my word verification was: argeduch. Hmm.


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