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December 21, 2008

Eye spy ... a bit of bling

I am playing along with Cindy's fun Eye Spy each Sunday. This week I was asked to choose the theme ... so we have Eye Spy ... a bit of bling.

This is mine. A little bit of Christmassy bling from our tree (its a good thing Argy and Bargy didn't notice me removing ornamentation from the tree ... as this is a strictly forbidden activity in our house).

This little character is a bit shiny, a bit sparkly and is sporting some pretty fabulous jewellery.

Purchased from Liberty in London at the post-Christmas sales, he is in fact a little battered. There are a few jewels missing ... so he requested that I just take his good side in this photo.

I think this year he is secretly hoping that Santa will bring him a little extra bling, to disguise his shortcomings.

Makeover courtesy of Pikipimp

Thank you Cindy at Bug and Pop, for letting me choose the theme this week. To see who else is playing, head over here.


  1. He's a cutie!
    My gals have free range of the tree this year... am hoping to cull a few ornaments!
    Thanks for the theme this week.
    Have a lovely Christmas!

  2. He's very sweet and very pink (my favourite)!
    I hope he makes it safely back onto the chrismtas tree.

  3. Oh yes the "after" photo looks great - he has very fine taste!

  4. He's lovely! Great theme this week,thanks!

  5. Thanks for the great theme and I love this bird, I would have him out all year in his new outfit.

  6. A belated bling comment..very kawaii, great theme too!


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