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November 24, 2008

More pretty things

Darling little 1950's handpainted buttons

There's something special about buttons, isn't there? I have the fondest childhood memories of looking through my Nan's button box. To me even the humblest button was a jewel.

I find it hard to think of buttons as notions: to speak of them in the same breath as elastic and zippers. No ... buttons are a class above. Like beautiful fabric, buttons are sought; treasured; stashed. Yet they have a permanence that fabric can never aspire to. Buttons always live to see another day. Cherished long after their companion garment has disappeared.

My parents recently visited Castlemaine in country Victoria and discovered a shop full of the most wonderful button treasures. Following on from the Pretty Things I showed you last week, I thought you might like to see the gorgeous buttons that Mum and Dad brought home for me.

Cheery vintage floral buttons

Double vintage! Vintage buttons; vintage cars.

Vintage buzzy bee buttons

Sweet ceramic house button

Beautiful Brown Owl china buttons from England

I am looking forward to finding the perfect project for each of these.


  1. They are special. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm off to see what this shop is that you've referred to.

  2. Oooooh lovely....great score mun and dad!

  3. What a lovely lot of buttons they chose for you! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. Oh, you kill me! Those orange floral buttons are the cat's whiskers. I'll be suggesting a daytrip to Castlemaine soon, I have no doubt....

  5. Lovely. You know, I have the hardest time finding buttons that are right for my dresses. I think that finding the project for the buttons would be a better option. Hope you show us.

  6. I love those little people! I can picture them on a pair of Lederhosen, or perhaps a pair of overalls.

  7. I love these buttons! I too am mad for a button or two - the Doctor and I spent an unusual amount of time staring with wonder at the selection at our local haby store.

  8. Beautiful buttons. I think I've been hanging out with boy-children too long, I'm more than a bit attracted to the vintage car ones!

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  11. OK, so now you know about Haberdash in Castlemaine. It's time to sit down and have one of those talks - no, not the birds and the bees... more like the buttons and bobs. So, here it is - it's addictive. Very addictive. You go once, then again for fun, then again, and again, and before you know it, they know your name, and then you realise (too late, of course) that you are hooked. Beautiful buttons glint and shine and call to you as you pass (..or is that just me!).
    Well, there it is. Good luck :o)


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