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October 08, 2008

Winter apron swap

If you like making and wearing aprons, why not join up the Sassy Apron Swap? The Winter 2008 swap is cookie themed. You will have the chance to make and receive an apron with a cookie/winter/holiday theme. The swap also includes at least one favourite cookie recipe and a cookie cutter. Fun!

Sign-ups close on 10 October.

The last swap was a Fall and baking theme. I'm hoping that my faraway swap partner, in the northern hemisphere, will receive her apron and pot holder any day now. Here is a sneak peak.


  1. oh! I'm digging the sneak peak! I've never joined a swap before. I'm thinking it might be fun! hmm....

  2. That is such a cool apron - I would love one like that. I wish that I could so and therefore join the swap. !

  3. That pot holder is just gorgeous! I did the Summer apron swap which was fun, Winter should be fun - thanks for the heads up!


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