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October 22, 2008

What am I?

One who knits is a knitter.
One who paints is a painter.
One who writes is a writer.

I like to sew. So, this makes me a .....? Anyone? Anyone?

Sewer (n): underground conduit for transporting human waste

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  1. Thats hilarious HB - never thought of it like that. Maybe you are a seamstress but that sounds awfully old fashioned.

  2. Well, if you like op-shopping you could say we make things out of other people's 'human waste.' : )
    Ewwwww - that's gross!

  3. I always love the fact the sewer (as in one who sews) and sewer (as in poo) are the same word...he he he

  4. Great post. I am having a very hearty chuckle.

  5. hee!!
    My sewing machine is called a Janome "Sewist"....feel free to use that term instead of stinky poo pipes!

  6. Excellent - thanks for pointing this out!

  7. Great minds think alike because this very question was bouncing around in my head. I just couldn't find such a funny way to ask!

    I struggle with this constantly. sewer? craftie? crazy textile purchaser who occasionally sews things together?

  8. Good Post!

    Best one I've read in a while :)

  9. Lol...a question for the ages. We need to come up with a new term, and the spread it through blogland, so it can enter the vernacular. :p

  10. Very very funny. As usual. You're on fire!

  11. Always learning!
    Till now for me a sewer was the one who sews...and now...

    You know: what stresses me more writting in English is making some kind of mistakes or using a word with double sense and that doesn't appear a kind soul to correct me!
    Grammatical mistakes everybody excuses, I think

  12. Very funny! I _like_!

    (from the girl who, aged about 7, announced to her family that she was going to become a 'drawer').

  13. Ah yeah, Jess. I think from now on, I'll be a sewist.

  14. Sorry - Drewzel...

  15. You just made me inhale coffee!
    Thanks for making my morning.

  16. haha that made me laugh...maybe you can call yourself a textile manipulater...

  17. Just as long as you don't get blocked up ( eww ! )


    ( word verification: "derti" - lol )

  18. ooh yes, a sewist sounds much better.
    thanks for the chuckles, today i need them!


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