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October 12, 2008

This is ... my current reading material

When the theme for "This is ..." was revealed by Missk from My Champagne Dreams this week, I knew I'd better not peek at anyone else's entry before posting this one.

You see, I was sure that everyone would be showing their fabulous selection of tomes. And that I would feel a bit embarrassed.

Most of my reading these days is comprised of magazines and children's books. (It hasn't always been so. Back in the day, I was known to have read interesting works like Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment". I blame it on Argy and Bargy - they just aren't into Russian literature. Especially at bedtime.)

So here is my current reading material:

  • Metric pattern cutting for children's wear and babywear (top left)
    I'm not really reading this cover-to-cover; more just meandering about, trying to wrap my head around pattern grading concepts.

  • Duck in a truck (top right)
    I have actually read this one cover-to-cover (about 95 times).

  • Australian Stitches (bottom right)
    This latest edition features a beautiful evening gown on the cover ... made by my very talented dress-making teacher.

  • Assorted quilting magazines (bottom left)
    If you have read this blog before, I doubt you'll have seen a single reference to quilting. Ever. So these magazines are clearly an aberration. Or the faint spark of a distant plan. Or maybe a sign or someone who just can't kick the magazine habit.
Thank you to Missk at My Champagne Dreams for the great theme this week and to Angela at Three Buttons who is hosting "This is ...".


  1. Don't feel embarrased, or feel embarresed with me cause I couldn't even scrounge up a magazine and pretend that I read it, so you are more literary than me. Duck in the Truck looks good, but best not leave it to hubby to read after a few beverages - could lead to problems.

  2. I'm with you on the quilting front..I read the magazines and I watch Simply Quilts on Foxtel. Do you see any quilts anywhere at my house?

  3. Oh - I'm with you on the kiddie books. And I also have Patternmaking for Childrenswear.... not that I could be bothered drafting kiddie patterns at the moment.

  4. Yeah, most of my reads these days are kids books - about 20 a day to be exact. Moo is OBSESSED with books at them moment... not so cool when I'm trying to cook dinner!

  5. I'm afraid that all I read these days is kids books...and blogs! I'm much to tired to tackle anything more complex - sends me straight to sleep.

  6. I was just thinking I want to learn more about pattern cutting - is this a good book for a novice? Because when I say "more" I actually know zero about making patterns.

  7. In an attempt to get through a book, I got an audio book on CD from the library, also I 'read' films on sbs on occasion! Kids books make up the bulk of my reading too :))


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