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October 04, 2008

The special bit of the stash ...

Waterhen and Orchard by Pippijoe

This is the fifth day of Mike's lovely Share Your Fabric Stash.

I have been really enjoying looking through everyone's fabric this week. It really does get you thinking about the psychology behind collecting vast quantities of fabrics. I saw a funny article a while back in a sewing magazine that presented the stash as an "emergency stock-pile". You know ... just in case all the stores run out of fabric and you really have to sew!

I don't think I have quite reached this line of argument ... yet. I think more along the lines of ...
  • Scarcity - I might never see it again.
  • Time management - It'll save me a trip out another time.
  • Economy - Its a bargain; I couldn't possibly pass it up
  • Art - Its beautiful. I have to have it.
Today's fabric falls into the last category - these two are my very favourites from the stash. I know the designer, so that makes them even more special to me. This fact has, however, made me extremely indecisive about what to make: it can't just be any old thing.

Of course, I'm not really sure about the merits of saying I love your fabric so much that I am afraid to cut into it and instead keep it in a dark cupboard. Its time to start some projects!


  1. Very nice...they do deserve a special project! I liked your analysis of stash psychology - I do sometimes wonder what purpose my stash serves. A big sew-up sounds like a geat idea :)

  2. I had the same feeling about my water hens too but once I took them out to photograph them earlier in the week I decided to get in there and make Caleb some shorts for summer.
    I love the trees too in that great teal colour!

  3. I'd be scared to afraid to cut those fabrics too! Those are both beautiful prints that deserve to be made into something you see everyday.

  4. I agree with your reasons for adding to the stash!

    As for the beautiful fabrics, you just have to bite the bullet - start with something small that you'll see all the time (purse/bag/cushion etc). You'll love looking at it so much that you'll be inspired to use more (I say, despite having metres of beautiful fabric stacked up in a cupboard!)

  5. It's time to make a cut!! she of little stash!!

  6. awww shucks....
    I am looking forward to seeing what you finally decide to make!! I'm sure it will be gorgeous!! Go on - cut it!

  7. I love pippijoe's designs soooo much!

  8. I think you'll find it's a common problem amongst die-hard fabric stashers! They really are lovely fabrics though...

  9. I know exactly what you mean...it is hard to cut into special fabrics. But once you cut into it, then the next one gets easier, and easier.

  10. maybe you could just frame some for a while - looking at it on a wall might give you the inspiration you need. You could even fold it so it's big and bulky and take the glass out of the frame - and let's face it, these really are works of art!

    love your blog!

  11. I've dropped into your flickr to have a closer look at those waterfowls. Definitely a category four, I'm off to track some down if I can! I've thought of an excuse- I can make a handbag for my mum, she's a Bird Observer. How convenient is that? ;)

  12. Your reasons are spot on. Curlypops was just posting the other day about those fabrics you just love too much to cut in to. It's so bloody true. I figure they are just in waiting for the perfect project.

  13. These fabrics are beautiful! I love her designs.


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