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October 09, 2008

More holiday schnapps

Never mind the steins

Another photo in honour of Blogtoberfest.

At this place in Munich the amber stuff was served in champagne flutes. Can someone tell me if this is usual?

Or do you think someone said Hey look more tourists ... what shall we serve their beer in this time (guffaw, guffaw). And if so, is there someone, somewhere, with an equally unusual picture of their Becks in a martini glass?

Join in the fun of Blogtoberfest over at Big Cat's Emporium,


  1. i giggled reading this, and think i remember reading somewhere recently about some places that serve beer only in wine glasses. ah, the novelty!

  2. I think these horrid tricks on tourists happen everywhere. You know all the locals are behind the pub mirror laughing themselves stupid!

  3. Leisl,

    Thank you soooo much for the apron and other goodies. The soap smells so good I want to eat it! I'm not sure I'll ever be able to open it, because of the beautiful packaging. The colours and fabrics on the apron are marvelous as is the retro design. I will do up a post on everything in the next few days! Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a wonderful treat on a crazy day!

  4. These are the funniest photos. Beer in champagne glasses, next there will be a schooner of scotch.

  5. How bizzare? I think they are probably taking the mickey out of the tourists although it probably looks classier holding a flute than a pot?

  6. Becks in a martini glass sounds rather "fine" to me :)

    Actually last summer I served champagne in those tiny glasses used for turkish tea - and I must say I felt quite posh doing so, hehehe

  7. lol - I have no idea, you loser tourist, you ;)

    Blogtoberfest, hmm ?
    Will have to check this out - cool logo..

  8. I followed your link to the simplicity pattern site and as I was browsing I came across the pattern that I made up. It was simple and I've had lots of compliments when I've worn it. It's New Look 6674. I know you've already got a lovely pattern but just in case you need another one for some more vintage fabric!

  9. Maybe they're just trying to show that beer isn't only for the men folk? At least you wouldn't have had warm dregs in the bottom - I'm sure that a flute of beer could be downed quite quickly!


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