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October 01, 2008

More fabric from the stash ...

Vintage floral print corduroy

This is the second day of Mike's lovely Share Your Fabric Stash.

Every now and then, I have mentioned how much I like corduroy. Indeed most of my stash comprises solid-colour corduroy. 15 shades to be exact. Mostly mid-wale. All new; some on bolts.

This is my notable exception. A vintage piece in pin wale. I bought this one on eBay, without a notion for what I would do with it. I just knew that that a corduroy collection would be incomplete without it.

So it sits in the stash and every now and then I pat it (with, not against, the nap of course).


  1. Eurgh, pattuing cord against the nap :-P

  2. your awesome thanks for your help the other day, if i knew how to give awards you would get one straight of the bat. thanks lovey

  3. It all goes pear shaped when you go against the nap, doesn't it? It's like walking the wrong way at Ikea. You just never know how things are going to end up.

    Great piece of fabric. Now I have to go and dig up mine for today. Oh the pressure.

  4. Oh you're a woman after my own heart...I just can't walk away from a bit of corduroy. I think it's definitely the lovely soft texture...I'll be posting some later in the week too.

  5. Corduroy and vintage, how could you resist. I am glad I am not the only one secretly caressing.

  6. what you pat your fabric to sleep?he.
    I'm not too familiar with corduroy - in fact I struggled with it only yesterday while trying to amke a softie.
    I love the print on this one -do you dare cut it up?


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