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October 18, 2008

Getting to the bottom of the pile of the holiday schnapps ...

Here is another of my German holiday photos, in honour of Big Cat's Blogtoberfest. This is the BMW headquarters in Munich.

I'm the first to admit that whilst I am quite quick to correctly identify construction equipment, I'm not particularly knowledgeable in the car department.

So when we visited the BMW museum Mr Hoppo Bumpo ogled the cars and took lots of snaps, as I wandered aimlessly looking for information that didn't use perplexing terms like wheelbase, horsepower and turbo-diesel.

So, today I finally get a chance to recall these amazing facts:
  • The BMW logo is based on a airplane propeller (as the company originally manufactured engines for aircraft)

  • The nickname beemer actually refers to BMW of the two-wheeled variety. Apparently you may call your motorcycle a beemer, but your automobile is in fact a bimmer.
Yup, the visit to the museum was probably wasted on me.

Join in the fun of Blogtoberfest over at Big Cat's Emporium.


  1. I hope that Mr HB appreciates the love that you must have to of even endured that. I have to tell you I think Glen would have to find me in the cafe

  2. Sheesh, I admire you for even going. I'm with Cindy. I would have been in the cafe. Ordering kartofel and strudel.

  3. Oh, ew..you mean all those people who say that annoying Bimmer are RIGHT?? I am disappointed. :p

    And with you on the car museum things...I have managed to get out of every car show the guys (and dd!! Go figure!!) have gone to...hope to continue the trend!!

  4. ooh, ooh, I've been there!!! and i wasn't even trying to impress a boy!! I have no idea why or how but it was actually really interesting...


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