Hoppo Bumpo (n): A children's game. Played by folding one's arms and hopping on one leg. Aim is to bump opponents, so that they lose their balance. Last person standing wins.

October 25, 2008

Eleven things

Detail from skirt made by Hoppo Bumpo's House of Forgiving Garments

Some (long) time ago I was tagged by the witty Bellgirl to play Eleven Things. So here goes my eleven ...

  1. Clothes Shop: Hoppo Bumpo's House of Forgiving Garments. Yep, everything that turns out of this manufacturer's is suitable for the large of - ahem - derriere.

  2. Furniture Shop: Baby Bunting. Well, that's what the credit card statements from the past 4 years suggest.

  3. Sweet: Chocolate.

  4. City: Montreal, during the festival season in summer and under a foot of snow in winter. London in spring. NY on NYE. Melbourne anytime!

  5. Drink: Sortil├Ęge a 60 proof Quebecois maple syrup and whiskey liqueur. Haven't touched the stuff for years, but used to be able to dance on tables after a couple of glasses (but wouldn't go near playground equipment)

  6. Music: Too eclectic to narrow down. I have 62 songs residing in an iPod playlist called "absolute, all time favourites"

  7. TV series: anything that's been on ABC TV on a Friday night from 8.30pm onward (Murphy's Law, Spooks, Ghost Squad, Midsomer Murders)

  8. Film: Empire of the Sun, closely followed by Roman Holiday

  9. Workout: Clinical pilates once a week and running after two small boys in the between times

  10. Pastries: All of them. Together. And in one sitting. (See #1)

  11. Coffee: Strong latte during the day. Espresso late at night (especially after drinking Sortil├Ęge). Iced coffee in summer.

If you fancy playing Eleven Things too, consider yourself tagged!


  1. great meme! I played along too. Thanks for tagging me :P

  2. Melbourne anytime does it for me too

  3. Yay! Must visit me that clothes shop and get me some of that drink!

  4. Only 62 all time fave songs?? Newbie. :p

    Now I want an iced latte. Bad.

  5. I think I need to shop at the Hoppo Bumpo's House of Forgiving Garments, hope to see your sign out at a market soon, after chocolate and coffee of course.

  6. I so want to go shopping in your House of Forgiving Garments!

  7. "TV series: anything that's been on ABC TV on a Friday night from 8.30pm onward"- ah yes, that's my favorite show too! I'm enjoying Midsomer Murders, but my all time favorite .is Pie in the Sky


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