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October 31, 2008

Blogtoberfest giveaway winner

At the end of all good festivals there needs to be a speech.

So I'd like to thank the indomitable Big Cat for hosting a fun and inspirational Blogtoberfest. This was a wonderful chance to broaden our horizons by meeting new people and trying new things. There's been a veritable library of reading, as festival goers pledged a post-a-day. Fantastic work, Big Cat - it was a great idea. I can't wait to see Blogtoberfest 2009.

A special mention should also go to Curlypops for the sterling job coordinating all those festival giveaways! And finally, we couldn't forget Bellgirl ... who posted riotous festival updates and managed to misuse the Babel Fish translator in a way those folks at Altavista could never have anticipated. Nicht angebrachte Übersetzungen, jedermann?

So finally, on to the Pink Ribbon bear giveaway. Thank you very much to everyone who entered.

And the envelope please ....

The randomly picked winner is number 6: Nathalie of Récupération Nathalie Brault.

Do check out her lovely blog - especially her funny footage of peeling a pumpkin (Nathalie, are those your pyjamas? And is that some type of electrical appliance meant for the garden?!)


  1. Yes I know I'M bad for that but yes those are my jammies it was spur of the moment that why it's so funny!

    And it's a saws all and it works with a battery and it's for cutting through gyproc walls or branches if you want. But I decided that this year I wasn't gonna break my heands at peeling this monster, no way. So this is the way I found. Pretty sool huh? and thanks so much for the little bear I'm on my way to give you my coordinates. Blessings.

  2. Congratulations Nathalie! And thanks for the kind words Hoppo- I'm glad you enjoyed the posts, and you were in fact the only person to be featured not once but _three times_! Which ios a fine indication that I've been enjoying your posts too ;)

    BTW I think you might have been voted by the Blogtoberfesters as the new US President.


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