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September 30, 2008

A very suburban life

For most of my adult life I have lived close to a CBD.
For a while there, I lived right downtown in a faraway place.
But now I'm an inner-city chick, with an outer suburban postcode.
Sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle; the shops and cafes.
The groovy places to push a pram.
However, the air is fresher in these parts.
The elevation a little higher.
The vista greener.
(The houses more affordable!)
And when you look around, even sleepy hollows have their lovely surprises.

Melbournites, check out Craft City Melbourne for secrets in your suburb.


  1. That wedding I just went to?? Two hours outside the city, deep in the country. On the drive up, we are looking at all the little, tiny hick towns and thinking, this could actually be pretty nice. I think the biggest draw was NO NEIGHBORS! :p (If you can't tell, I have had my fill of neighbors..:p )

  2. :))
    I can understand that NO NEIGHBORS!

  3. This post was beating to my own drum, if you know what I mean. When I moved to Sydney I always lived on the East, in walking distance to the city. When I was pregnant, we moved. To the deep North. With my parents-in-law.

    It's pretty here, there's loads of space, we are in our own separate part of the house - but seeing my parents-in-law daily can be a real drag (then multiply that by ten and then some).

    But rent's so steep, so we're really lucky to live here.. Now our time here is drawing to a close and we're considering becoming country mice.. But how do you make that decision??

  4. I'm in the same boat and living at the same station!!
    Small world.... I'll come and say hello (like some weird stalker) when I see you in the Juniper cafe wearing your Amy Butler sun dress -
    ha ha : )

  5. Affordable - that sounds like a great word. Thankfully our renter owner is a nice man and hasn't priced us into a heart attack. It is amazing how much space and green means once you have kids.

  6. i'm another 3 stops from your station. Not close enough to the city, not close enough to the country. I'll holler next time i'm passing with a customery koowee lovey

  7. Great post at Craft City Melbourne! I love reading up about other suburbs, and have hopes of doing my own craft city tour one day based on the recommendations.

  8. Terrific post on Craft City. My cousin used to live in Mitcham - I got quite fond of it during that time! I'm from the country originally, and like living 7 km from the city now. Good thing we bought our house 12 years ago - there is no way we could afford to buy into the area now!

  9. When we're in Melbourne we are a few stops closer to the city on the same train line too! Maybe crafty peeps are attracted to them there hills?! Juniper cafe was my haunt when I worked at the Council there years ago...

  10. I was just in Mitcham today (my SIL lives there).
    It used to take about 45 minutes from our place, but thanks to the wonders of Eastlink, 30 minutes door to door.
    The boys love that green bubbly sculpture beside Eastlink. Highlight of their journey.

  11. We moved from Richmond to Surrey Hills nearly 4 years ago and I do still have pangs for the inner city, but in terms of room for the kids to investigate, explore and be outside it is certainly the place for us to be right now.

  12. Ah I was trying to guess roughly where you must live based on the Jaycar and the Eastern Suburbs posts. I was putting you a little closer to me (South Croydon) but Mitcham is still pretty close!


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