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September 07, 2008

This is ... my absolute favourite band of all time

Abba, originally uploaded by PeterForret

First it was fashionable. Then it was daggy. Then fashionably daggy ... and commercial. Then perhaps just commercial.

I'm not sure in 2008 whether its fashionable, daggy or commercial to proclaim Abba your favourite band. But they're mine. Ahhh, pure nostalgia.

I loved them like everyone else in 197os. I had the albums, the posters and - with the assistance of my sister and a hair brush - all the dance moves. So many happy hours were spent listening to Abba on vinyl.

Ooohhh and I still remember that day in 1976 when Abba released Money, money, money. A copy of the single was rushed to my primary school and aired, as the end-of-playtime music. I was so excited I think I hyperventilated. Pity all I had to breathe into was my green plastic lunchbox.

I still like to listen to Abba and have been trying to indoctrinate educate my boys about this Swedish phenomenon. It has been difficult to get Argy and Bargy to sing into hair brushes, but Mr HB is soon away overseas on a long jaunt business trip and we should be able to perfect our dance routines unhindered.

PS. Mr HB a message for you, in case the business trip is too long:
In my dreams I have a plan
If I got me a wealthy man
I wouldn’t have to work at all
I’d fool around and have a ball

Thank you to Cam over at Curlypops for the really fun theme this week and to Sharon at Handmaiden who is guest hosting This is ...


  1. Abba, an absolute classic! Can't wait to see pictorial evidence of the hairbrush dance routine!

  2. I'm with Belinda. Bring on some pictures please.

  3. Abba was one of my absolute favourites too - my sister and I, she was brunette and I was the blonde one, used to do concerts with the hairbrushes in the 'good' room for anyone who wanted to listen. Those were the good ol' days!

    Can't wait to see Argy & Bargy do their thing with hairbrushes!------------------

  4. I was very proud of my ABBA socks and ABBA T Shirt! I had all the right moves for Dancing Queen.

  5. That's funny!
    I think Abba must be just about the most popular band if all time...I remember singing along to Dancing Queen in the 70's with my sister.

  6. awww a girl after my own heart ABBA is my fave too :)

    although I wasnt born till 78 and didnt get to go to their aussie concert my mum took my sis and bought her a pillowcase from the show(will see if she still has it)
    My son whose 4 now sings abba and his fave song is money money money ahahahahaa

  7. I'm going with still daggy on this one. Rofl But I am a real latecomer, and I didn't develop an obsession like that for a band til I was 32. Which means they are still trendy, and I get to feel all hip and that. :hahaha:

  8. Abba rock. I don't know if its daggy or fashionable either but I love them.

  9. well I think it's commercial now but they are great even now

  10. Ha Ha - I'll never forget a bully in the playground accusing me of lying that my dad was Swedish because our family had never met the members of ABBA. I would have loved to!!

  11. Oh yea - they are definitely COOL. With Mammia out I have managed to brain wash my boys who both know more words to songs than I know!

    There is a fire in my soul....

  12. I think Abba are in the fashionably retro class. How can you not get that beat and want to dance - hairbrush or not. While Mr.CML is away I think I'm going to see the movie..perhaps get my surgery-recovering friend for a chick-flick day.

  13. I love Abba, everytime I think of Abba and movies, I think of Pricilla Queen of The Desert, a great Australian movie!!!

    Gill in Canada

  14. oh abba! i still think the album cover for ARRIVAL is just so chic-retro-cool. do you remember it? the four of them crammed into that helicopter!


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