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September 27, 2008

7 more favourite blogs and sites

The lovely Jenaveve over at August Street, has given me a blog award. I really appreciate that Jen - thank you! And best of luck with your self-imposed blogging ban and the hard-yards with the study! (If you haven't visited August Street previously, do take a look. Have a read through the amazing posts about consuming a Low GI diet. There's enough information there for a book!)

I was tagged with a similar award recently, so I'm going to bend the rules a bit again and post seven more assorted favourite links. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do ...
  • Sew, Mama, Sew
    This is such a great blog. I really like the tutorials, sewing tips and the pattern reviews (some of which are written by this very clever local gal). There are also great month-long themes. September has been Sewing For The Home. Take a look - there are all sorts of excellent projects for prettying-up (or tidying-up) your place.

  • Pattern Review
    If you sew from commercial patterns, this site is a very good resource. There's an extensive range of reviews contributed by Pattern Review members. Join for free and browse and contribute reviews yourself. There is also a paid subscription, which offers additional features such as database to store details of your stashed patterns, as well as details of those on your wishlist.

  • Click to Print
    This an online store providing downloadable commercial patterns. Printing and preparing your own patterns definitely won't be everyone's cup of tea, but if you find it hard to get to a real bricks and mortar shop to buy patterns, then this might be a good alternative. I've used it a few times now - its great for the impatient at heart.

  • Wilton
    Admittedly another commercial website pedalling wares, but there are some really fun cupcake ideas and recipes to be had here. I'm a self-confessed Wilton-tragic, with a large box of decorating paraphernalia and two large cupcake carriers in the cupboard. I do like the cupcake and icing recipes and there's some great tips and tricks. I'm looking forward to trying out this marshmallow fondant.

  • Google Street View
    Wow, have you seen this? How cool .... in an invasion-of-your-privacy sort of way. This is Google-maps-go-ground-level. Yes, in a large scale project, teams of little cars equipped with special cameras were sent out to take 360 degree shots of streets near you. The first thing I did was check out my house: just in case I had accidentally stepped out to pick up the morning paper in my dressing gown and fluffy slippers, just as one of the little cars was whizzing by. There are, of course, worse things that could have happened.

  • Weatherzone
    I'm a bit obsessed with weather forecasts. This detailed Australian site gives loads of handy information. You can check the radar picture to see whether its worth hanging those three loads of washing out on the line.

  • D-listed decor
    I don't think any list of favourite blogs or links is complete without something that has that What the ...? factor. The subtitle "Design Within Retch: The worst home furnishing finds on Craigslist" will give a hint about the treasures that await you here. Be warned though: I wish I'd never looked at the ottoman posted this week. I may require therapy.

Honorable mention: Do take a look at the hysterical Cake Wrecks, recommended to me by Potty Mouth Mama. Where else are you likely to see a Congratulations on completing your jail sentence cake?


  1. What a truly excellent list of links! And thanks so much for mentioning me (aw shucks). By the way, in response to one of your previous posts, had I mentioned that I too was an Avon lady with around two customers?

  2. I've just spent the last 30 minutes reading cake wrecks... classic! oh dear I should get back to work...


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