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September 04, 2008

A 100th post giveaway

Apparently I can ramble on a bit. How else do you make it to 100 posts in 91 days? To mark the occasion and thank you for dropping by, there's a little giveaway.

Now don't worry ... the giveaway isn't going to be 40 metres of corduroy. And in all conscience it couldn't be something handmade, as I still owe a few lovely (and patient) girls some pay-it-forward handmade gifts from July.

So I've tracked down a couple of pretty, ready-to-go vintage treasures for the occasion (pictured above). I hope you like the look of them. They are:

  • Card of 12 vintage buttons: 1920s pearl, 9mm on pretty pink card with gold graphics

  • Japanese fabric: 2.5 metres of 90cm-wide 1960s-era printed sateen finish, with original labels attached

To be in the running, all you need to do is leave a comment explaining what your favourite creative past-time is. (If you're outside of Australia, please do join in - I am happy to post world-wide.) If you'd like to share where you are from, that would be fun too, but not obligatory. When you leave your comment, I'll just need some way of tracing you, in case you are the new owner of vintage fabric and buttons (blog or e-mail address).

Assuming that there is more than one comment(!) the winner will be drawn at random from the comments to date, on Tuesday 9 September at about 9pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

And thanks again for dropping by to read this blog. I've been having a whale of time doing a bit of writing and getting to "meet" so many delightful people!


  1. A little bit of corduroy would do just as well...:)

    (the first never wins,so in advance congrats to the winner!!!)

    Hope evrything is well with Bargy!

    Oh! I'm from Porto, Portugal!!!

  2. How the heck do you get 100 posts in 91 days?? lol (shshsh..don't mention PIF..I'm still behind on a couple. :p )

    And Sewing, obviously..my downfall, my obsession, my money pit. :p

  3. wow, you must be chatty! I am new to your blog and can't wait to see your other 99 posts! I love give aways and you should jump on over to join mine too!!!

    I love to collect fabrics and make dolls with them.

    ~Emily an American in Norway

  4. First of all congrats on your 100th post, and my favorite pastime is making jewelry, although I do more writing and drawing. I live in the U.S. in Chicago Illinois and I have just recently started taking my blog seriously.

    I enjoying sharing my interests on my blog and it really gives me a chance to ramble on about whatever topic I choose. I also have a huge love for cooking, I am a foodie and I collect miniatures, such as barbie (not the dolls), re-ment and loving family. I want to start doing little dioramas under glass domes and shadow boxes and I love Polyvore.com, google it and you will see what I mean. Take care

  5. My favorite is the sewing. I am also dabbling in other areas, but sewing has such a lot of variety in itself. Congratulations on the 100 posts! I hope Bargy is feeling ok.

  6. 100 posts already! I wonder how many you'll have in a year??

    Sewing is my fave, although I am easily influenced by whatever is going around. Always back to the sewing though!

    Jo from Melbourne

  7. Yeah Miss HB on 100!!!! It sounds like it has been lots of fun. I am of course a sewer though I am still hoping for some crochet lessons later.
    I think we might live in spitting distance if you live near Miss PJ.

  8. What a prolific blogger you have been!! Well done on reaching 100 posts. Hope little Bargy is on the mend. I love to crate with fabric - sewing and quilting are my passions.

  9. Congrats on your 100th post I think I missed my 100th post celebrations too busy rambling on hahaahaha!

    What a lovely idea,giveaways are so much fun :)

    My fave past time...conversing with my kids, I love the things my son 4 comes out with and my 18mth old has just started stringing 2 words together so that classifies as a conversation right?! ha!

    My fave creative past time is sewing, I love making beautiful things for my kiddies its rewarding making something with my hands a one of :)

    Good luck to all who enter the fabric and pearl buttons are truly treasured items

  10. Keep on ramblin' so we can keep on readin'!

    Fave pastime would have to be sewing, or maybe just hoarding fabric, haha! I do that really, really well.

  11. And I thought I could blab on my blog! Congrats on the 100, love the giveaway.

  12. Congrats on the 100th post, I love to read your chatty daily blogs ...so keep on keeping on!!
    Hard to pick what I love best, is it general sewing or quilting or beading or sashiko! love em all

  13. Its pretty much all about knitting with me although I do like a bit of sewing and cooking when time permits.
    I'd say I'm in Melbourne, but it just doesn't sound as exotic as Porto or Norway.

  14. Hi HB - love a giveaway! My favourite is definitely sewing but I have the urge to do some screen printing at the moment! What do you think?

  15. Yowsers - that's awesome! Congratulations! I'll pop the champagne.

    Favourite creative past time? Does thrifting count? If not, doodling with my son. I love asking him what he's drawing.

    How's your little dude?

  16. hi I have popped over from Curlypops! My new favourite past time would be stitcheries! I have become a little obsessed quite quickly! But my biggest past time would be (apart from reading blogs) scouring the op shops for an ever decreasing load of treasure!!

  17. I'm loving your little blog! :)

    My favourite crafting activity changes with the wind... I'm always after looking for something new to learn and do. This year has been the best, because I have so much more freetime after sending my girls to school after 4 years of homeschooling! :)

    I so hope I win the fabric... ;)

  18. Us Mumas have lots to say hey!

    Favourite creative past-time ... making pinata with my dad...we'll be making one in a few weeks for my little boy's 1st b'day.

    Have also loved organising a years worth of baby photos into an album...that's creative isn't it.

  19. 1ooth Post! WOW!

    Lyndsay here from LouLouBell.ca in Nova Scotia, Canada!

    Sewing is definitely my favorite past time, picking out the fabrics is my favorite part though i think! I'm also known to paint, and recently bought my first pair of knitting needles too! But sewing it is!

    : )

  20. That must be an all time record! 100 posts in 91 days. Congratulations. I'd love to be included in your competition. Thanks for sharing and writing such an entertaining blog.

  21. Yay 100 posts! Congratulations - I just love your blog, and reading about your crafting with Argy and Bargy. I'd love to go in the celebratory giveaway - I do love knitting, and can do it all day.

  22. Hey! Glad someone is keeping up the blog posts. Mine have withered to nothing lately.

    I'm right into drawing and painting and mixed media (sounds good!) at the moment. Not terribly crafty or textiley, as is usually my thing.

    Happy 100th!

    Carolyn from Adelaide

  23. Congrats on getting to 100! My fave crafty-past-time-of-the-moment has to be crochet. If I'm not careful I may need a hook permanently attached to my hand!!

  24. Ohhh I like the sound of those! yum yum

  25. Happy 100 posts! I'm from Canada and would love to win this inspiring giveaway!

    My current favourite creative past-time is crocheting (I like to alternate hobbies every so often)...


  26. Congrats on 100 posts!!!
    I am a 20 plus year quilter who can never get enough time to quilt, I love every part of the process.
    I live in Niagara Falls, NY which is very lovely and I get to meet people from all parts of the world when I walk my dog at the falls!
    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  27. Well done on 100 posts!! And I've enjoyed them all, funny, witty, smart and lots of lovely stuff to look at too!

    So, whats my fave creative pastime? It's got to be sewing up a new pair of baby shoes or I'm actually getting right into bags also at the moment!

    Happy 100th - yeah!!

  28. My favourite creative passtime sewing. The gentle rhythm of the machine (or sometimes the THUNK THUNK THUNK when I overwork it.. oops!) is very relaxing.

    Happy 100th post!!

  29. I love your blog! Congratulations on 100 posts!

    My favourite creative past-time is sewing and crocheting. And daydreaming about sewing and crocheting. If only I could make all the things I daydreamed about!

  30. My favourite creative pastime is sewing, although if I'm totally honest I think it is the fabric shopping and dreaming up things to do with the fabric that is my favourite.


    I get so excited when I see your name on the top of my blog roll. I love your wit and sense of humour. My favorite past time is making something new and chocolate, preferably at the same time.
    xox Katie

  32. congratulations on your giveaway win the other day Hoppo
    isnt it lovely that you won a giveaway and are also doing a giveaway what goes around comes around!
    congrats again xox

    ps not entering twice just wanted to comment on your win

  33. Sweet buttons and fabric. I found you while browsing throught the members of the Fall sassy Apron Swap. Congratulations on 100 posts!

  34. happy 100th post!! here's to many more!!

  35. 100 posts certainly is a fun milestone! Congratulations!

    Oh my fave pastime used to be cooking but since I started blogging, and making Art!, the kitchen is getting a bit neglected. I do like to learn other things from other people and as soon as my one friend has her shoulder back in operation (post surgery) I want to have her help me get my sewing machine up and running again. Just aprons and some appliques.

    I will take a bye on the wonderful giveaways so a true sewer can enjoy them.


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