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August 10, 2008

This is ... a work in progress

Quick, look over here. I've had to do this while Mr HB was out of the house.

I've done a bit of of whip around here at Chez Hoppo Bumpo to collect the corduroy from all the secret hidey places. This is the first time the stash has been seen in one place. Apart from that towering pile on the desk, there are two bolts in the background. Estimates put the metrage at about 40.

I made brief reference to this particular work-in-progress a week or so ago. The plan (since May) has been to make up children's trousers and pop them into my bereft-never-been-used Etsy store. Trouble is the W in this W.I.P. appears to just be an increasing corduroy stash and the P is all in my head!

Hoppo Bumpo, the label, is moving on from being a running joke at home and heading toward becoming a moot point. Its hard to justify increasing corduroy inputs, when there are no corresponding trouser outputs.

Perhaps a little public shaming, will spur me into action. And let's hope that Mr HB's disinterest in reading this blog continues.

Thank you to Debbie at Kept In A Jar for this week's theme and to Angela at Three Buttons who hosts This is ...


  1. Oh dear! I must say that you have a lovely stash of corduroy there.
    These things take lots of time and planning and pondering.....and cups of tea!

  2. I love a secret stash - is there anything better. Quick squirrel it away again until needed. Dont worry, you will get to the pants and then they will fly off the Hoppo Bumpo production line and you will be so grateful that you had a ready supply of corduroy - see think of the time you will be saving in the long run.

  3. Do it! Do it! Once you've made one for the shop, and then another, you'll say "why didn't I do this earlier"? Just make a goal for how many you want to make before you put them in the shop. Make sure you keep us updated!

  4. He he he. I agree with Cam - these things take time and lots of planning! Progress will befall you when you least expect it!

  5. You may of made yourself feel worse, but you made me feel much better.

  6. You an always plan to have them ready for next winter! Great stash and I am sure when you get the time, they will be wonderful trousers.

  7. Fabulous post! Love your description of the W and P in WIP, it describes so many of my projects it's not funny!

    Love the stash of corduroy though! Would love to see the kids pants you make. I'm hoping to have kids of my own in the next year or two, hopefully you're up and running by then :)

  8. P is for plans.

    I've got a stash of beautiful fabrics I've collected for my "next big thing". Likely never to progress either.

  9. What a wonderdul stash. I also "hide" away fabrics at times so that my collection doesn't seem to grow so fast that my husband will notice. Now get to those trousers!

  10. heehee, You're not the only one. My 'stash' is out of control, but surely it will come in useful one day.
    It's good to spend time dreaming and pondering these things.

  11. Oh I think we all have stashes of one sort or 'tother. I have been slowly but surely gathering all like items together over the past year or two just so I don't buy duplicates of things I don't want more of. I do want new stuff, but just not the same OLD stuff!


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