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August 31, 2008

This is ... my favourite fabric shop

This week's theme for the "This is ..." meme was a tricky one.

Gosh, what to pick? Cheap, cheerful and local, like Spotlight? Or the faraway eye-popping, Aladdin's cave of Amitie? In fact, shop-o-holic and hopeless hoarder that I am, I could have reeled off quite a number of favourites.

In the end I settled on the point at which my fabric stash starting to get a bit out of control. You know, that first time that you go shopping and decide: buy now; work out what later.

So my favourite would be Pippijoe - an online store stocking fabulous, hand screen-printed fabric by the very talented Australian indie-designer, Caitlin. I'm yet to meet a Pippijoe print that I haven't fallen in love with.

The hemp-cotton blends are such a pleasing weight and the prints and colourways gorgeous. Pippijoe fabrics have graced all sorts of projects here and there are more in the pipeline. To be honest, I'm not sure if Mr Hoppo Bumpo has yet woken up to the fact that his surrounds are becoming more and more adorned with Red Daisies. Do you think blokes notice these things?

Anyway .... head over to Pippijoe and treat yourself to some beautiful fabric. You can always decide what to make later.

Thank you to Sharon at Handmaiden for the great theme this week and to Angela at Three Buttons who hosts This is ...


  1. You've convinced me, I will have to order some before I go back to Sing.

  2. Yes! I just agree! Pippijoe fabrics are beautiful!
    For me it's a pitty they are so far away...

  3. I am in love with the fabric there I just love this fabric!

  4. I love, love PippiJoe such great colours and a super sweet gal to boot. Yeah all those clever Melbourne gals.

  5. Ta for the link to the v.cool pippjoe. I will have to contain myself.

    I think if the blokes notice, they are kind enough not to point it out, hehe.

  6. Oh wow, thanks for the tip! I now officially love Pippijoe too. I'll have to order some once we move.
    Thanks for the well wishes xo

  7. he he he, I have a pile of Pippijoe in the 'buy now decide what to do with it later' pile too!
    'Tis a beauty!

  8. What a great This Is... topic!
    I'm a big fan of Pippijoe (and Cheeky Beaks, Lara Cameron, Hollabee and Aunty Cookie!). Such gorgeous designs on beautiful base fabrics.

  9. Wow, I can see why you like it so much. Just gorgeous!

  10. Those fabrics are beautiful. I am actually happy they are out of my price range because how would you choose which ones to buy.

  11. Oh dear! I think this post is going to be very bad for my bank account!

  12. Her fabric is just so beautiful! I'm sitting (well not literally sitting!)on a piece of the 'orchard' at the moment deciding what to make to do it justice..

    I discovered your blog through her store!


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