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July 18, 2008

Paying it forward

Here is a giveaway with a difference ....

I am participating in a "Pay-It-Forward" gift exchange. I signed-up to play through a post from the delightful Mill at Maybe It Was Patches.

Want to play too?

I will send a handmade gift (within the next 365 days, that's a promise!) to the first three people who comment on this post. All that you must do in exchange, is offer the same to 3 more people from your own blog. Oh, and you need to leave a traceable link or e-mail address, so that I may contact you for postal details!

Visit here if you would like a bit more information about the ideas behind Paying-It-Forward.

I have traced some of the history of this exchange (in reverse chronological order), in case you'd like to say "hi" to any of the previous participants:
  1. Maybe It Was Patches
  2. Sarah C
  3. Violaceous
  4. Momilani's Moments
  5. OldTimeMeArtist aka Grinnin Gramma
  6. Can I Be Pretty In Pink
  7. The Secret Gardener
  8. Steph's Cup of Tea
That's as far as I got before realising that Argy and Bargy probably needed dinner!


  1. Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog! How cool to meet via the "pay it forward" work! ;-)

    I am learning to sew, and I will enjoy your blog!

  2. Thanks for popping over to my blog, would love to know how you found it :-). The "pay it forward" sounds like a lovely idea.. can I join in? Will pop the details on my blog so 3 more people can join the fun.

  3. I like the idea but I won't make you send something to Canada because the postage would be insane. I really like the photo in this post! Cool fabric!

  4. Aw..darnit...missed it. I guess it's fair enough, since I am already waiting for another PIF I wasn't too late for ages ago. :lol:

  5. That paper is gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for letting me know the pouch arrived OK! When you get the chance, would you mind very much leaving feedback on Etsy?


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