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July 29, 2008

Just a minute ... in July

As we prepare to farewell this month, here's my version of Just a minute ...
Its a snapshot of my July and a lovely meme from August Street.

A bed of pansies around my weeping fig. I am looking forward to them flowering and brightening up the small circular bed with their little blue faces. They will match the other blues in the garden.

Stephen Biddulph's wonderful book Raising Boys. I went to see him speak in May and really enjoyed listening to his ideas. At one point he discussed getting boys into the kitchen early on and cooking for the family. I like that idea very much (and intend on adding sewing to Argy and Bargy's repertoire too!). I borrowed the book from my sister who is a talented educator, wonderful auntie and library rolled all into one.

The hilarious series Flight of the Conchords. I adore this show. And its the perfect antidote to watching the horribly twisted Dexter, which precedes it on a Sunday night.

On the "to do" list: velvet Butterick 3597 must, must, must be finished this week! Next in line is: Burda 8157 pants in black velveteen; another Butterick 3597 in stretch corduroy; Amy Butler Birdie Sling in Pippijoe's Waterhen fabric; Audrey and Maude bunting for the playroom; ... and the list goes on ... and on ... and on ... and on ...

Prepared or procrastinating? I set up an Etsy shop this month. It is completely empty. How many people set up shop before they actually have something to sell? I have lots and lots of beautiful, soft corduroy and aspirations to turn it into pairs of comfy children's trousers. Watch this space ... I might be able to cut-and-paste these very words into next months Just a minute ...


  1. We had the flowers on the bottom left in our garden as well!

  2. Your blog is officially one of my two favorite blogs. Most blogs I subscribe to are just for the pictures, but I actually look forward to reading the text in yours as well. When you get around to the trousers make sure you have one in a 2 year old boys size. I could be your first customer.

  3. I had to laugh I have set up etsy stores and have not placed a single item in them. And thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. I must agree with Naomi about your blog,I try to come back and visit every day because you post regularly and I want to know what you are up too. I want to join your crochet along too, can you count me in?

  4. I love your dreaming. You've got to hold on to the dreams.

  5. I can't resist watching Dexter either even though it really creeps me out...and why do they have to put Flight of the Conchords on so late! I have to stay up and watch that one too...even just for the NZ accent, I love the way they talk.

  6. *I* have an Etsy account, set up months ago, that has yet to be baptized with a single item. I have a fear of it sitting in the shop for months, without a single nibble. Would my ego be able to handle it?? :p

    And Dexter totally rocks. :p But I am well aware that I am a freak. (Has anyone else seen Eagle vs Shark, with Jemaine, yet?? You SHOULD.)

  7. I agree, Flight of the Conchords is hilarious! And how exciting about an Etsy shop! Look forward to checking it out!

  8. Yet another thumbs up to Dexter and Flight of Conchords... I really need to get my act together and see these shows. This week!

    Thanks for playing, I love your entry!!

  9. Haha I've had an empty Etsy store since Etsy first started!


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