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June 22, 2008

Mastering the automatic continuous clothing closure

Yesterday afternoon was spent with a friend at a sewing class. The class was devoted to mastering different styles of zipper insertion. There were lapped zips, concealed zips and even the rather fancy mock-fly-for-the-lady's-pant. All great stuff. I loved it.

My first ever attempt at a zipper was a complete fiasco. It was a skirt in stretch poplin and I had chosen to make the garment with the stretch running length-ways. I'll never be quite sure what it was that I managed to do in that fateful 15 minutes, as I attempted to insert the zip centre back. Even the forensic analysis of my sewing teacher was hazy. All I can say is that the correction involved a stitch unpicker, some unorthodox cutting (its amazing how far poplin can really stretch) and some choice words, which cannot be repeated here.

But regardless of how you feel about inserting zips, you do have to respect them. After all, what are the alternatives? Buttons? Too much work. Velcro? Looks dodgy. Hooks? Yeah, imagine those on kids clothing. Lacing? Oh puh-lease, you've got to be joking.

Just give me a zip any day.


  1. I haven't got the courage to try zippers yet! Too scary for me!

  2. I'd have to say the invisible zip is my fav to put it.


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