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June 03, 2008

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  1. Thank you for this shower cap tutorial; I'm going to try this! Need help though...where would I find the nylon?

  2. I bought a Janome Walking Foot yonks ago, didn't use it (I think the kids were getting in the way at the time) and have only just re-discovered it. googling for instructions I found your blog and was excited to see that you have included some instructions at the bottom of your page. Unfortunately the link isn't working :( i wonder if you might activate it for me? Many thanks

  3. I just got the Janome walking foot for my Elna machine. I'm pretty mechanically inclined so figured out the install right away, but the longer thin (guide?) piece is a mystery. Threw some fabric scraps with batting sandwiched between and ahha! it worked great. I am also a non-baster enjoying the continual challenge of harder projects without benefit of pins or hand sewing. Possible to reactivate the link to diagram/instructions mentioned? That would be great.

  4. Was just reading some of your hemming instructions, and noted that your blog is very well written. Nice job!!

  5. Dear Liesl,
    what a surprise this blog was for me. and what a change of life direction you've had since we haven't been in touch.
    hope you're all well.
    love to you and the family.

    Nena formerly of CTS
    nena at lingua-centar.hr

  6. Thank you so much for your wonderful clear instructions. I have attached it with ease and it is stitching correctly. Soon I shall be brave a stitch the velvet and then line it with satin which I have been dreading! Stiff G and T first tho'. Mega thanks.

  7. I came across you because I was explaining to my work colleagues "Its snowing in Paris" and they thought i was barmy although they may not be wrong. Not one of them had heard the expression and considering we are all of the same age (49) and come from the same area STOCKPORT UK. I was very suprised.

  8. thank you so much for the information that the manufacture should have given.
    You mentioned one should not use the walking foot for all sewing and I wonder why?


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