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March 07, 2010

Giddy up (or why I made Kwik Sew 3513)

Following the great Butterick B5206 Bodice Fiasco of March 2010, I've been a little disheartened. If only I hadn't been sewing with something quite so sheer. That sheer stupidity is always so difficult to work with.

With my confidence dented, pieces of B5206 have languished on the sewing table since last week.

So yesterday I decided to pull myself together and climb back on the horse. I found a straight-forward Kwik Sew pattern and some lovely heavy cotton lycra knit, then got to work on a skirt.

I cut, I sewed. I overlocked. The pattern was simple; the fabric was pleasing to work with. I was happy - what a gratifying project.

I rode into the home straight, preparing to admire my finished skirt. When I noticed. Oh dear, I'd sewn the waistband to the skirt inside out. Quelle surprise.

Yep, still on the horse. But clearly riding over the finish line, with one foot caught in a stirrup and hanging upside down in the saddle.

Kwik Sew 3513
Ignore my misfortune - this pattern for a pull-on stretch knit skirt is great! Its very quick to sew (even if you have to cut the waistband off and sew it on again) and comfy to wear. I have posted a review of 3513 here at PatternReview.com


  1. Oh I do love your horse riding analogy! My Dad's favourite remedy to any misfortune was to tell us to get back on the horse!!! In any case you'll be a very well dressed jockey cause the skirt looks a treat. Lisa x

  2. It's not a mistake it's A Design Feature! Well done for reaching the finish line.



  3. the skirt looks nice :D and like AJ said, its a design feature. If runway fashion can get away with making things that way (inside out), so can everyone else :)

  4. Well done Liesl - who cares about the waistband (adds charm I reckon). Skirt looks fantastic in the picture. I really need to start making myself some clothes too.

  5. Liesl, your skirt looks great. What a fun pattern. And just hang in there. In a little while that horse sadle will feel like a comfortable chair again ;-)

  6. I'm very glad that got back on that darn horse... that looks super comfy!

  7. I think the skirt looks great

  8. If it helps I once made a pair of velvet trousers and cut the fabric the wrong way so that I had one black leg and one grey! Skirt looks good.

  9. It looks great. And who'd notice the waistband anyway? Might have to scurry off and have a look at that pattern...


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