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January 26, 2010

Australia Day

This was view from my garden at 9:45pm this evening.

Fireworks are held nearby each year, to celebrate Australia Day.

They are so close, they look like our own private display.

The spectacle lasts about 10 minutes.

We are so lucky! I can't think of a more perfect end to the day.


  1. Happy Aussie Day Liesl!
    What an Amazing View! I'm just waiting for my own Aussie (Aka the Fhubby) to arrive at the airport! The Beginning of 6 whole weeks of Holiday time...Now that's my way to celebrate Australia Day!
    Hope you've had a fantastic day.

  2. :) Beautiful view!
    hoping you have had a good day.

  3. Is that why the Zheng Je match kept getting buzzed by airplanes last night? LOL

    Happy Australia day!

  4. Oh I love Fireworks! Hope you had a great day Liesl!

  5. Wow aren't you lucky! Happy Australia day :)

  6. Happy Australia Day Liesl, lucky you for having fireworks you didn't even have to leave home for!

  7. No wonder they had to stop the tennis, that is a pretty decent firework display. Great view from home, no crowds or taking children to public toilets, easy!! Love Posie

  8. Happy Australia Day! Thanks for sharing your life, humor and happenings. It's a wonderful slice of Australia for this US midwestener.

  9. I love fireworks - there is something about them that is so magical - we took the kids to skyworks here in Perth this year and had a wonderful afternoon/night.

  10. Awesome camera work! Whenever I take shots of fireworks it's just a blur of colour... are you going to let us in on your FireWorks Photography Secrets????????


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