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December 19, 2009

Fit(ted) for a king

There it was - Argy's first invitation to a party. An invitation in his own right. He wasn't invited because he was related. Or because we knew the parents. No, this was a special invitation at the behest of the birthday girl. The invitation paper was all pink and purple and silver and stated simply that the theme would be "Princesses and Kings".

There was great anticipation on Argy's part. But for me, a dilemma: just how fancy is fancy dress for 4 year-old parties? As I didn't know the mum - other than to nod to on the kindergarten run - I (foolishly) felt too shy to phone and ask.

So, would this be a homemade cardboard crown affair or full fancy dress? What would the other children be wearing? Its just as bad to look ridiculously overdressed as under. As the party date steadily advanced, I vacillated between the options.

Finally yesterday I decided err on the side of caution (read: panic-and-do-a-lot-of-last-minute-sewing). I was brought up to believe that dressing-up was a compliment to your host; so dressing-up it was. I raced to my local fabric shop and picked up a McCall's pattern and some lengths of regal fabric.

In the end Argy went off in a faux fur and gold braid trimmed medieval red velveteen and white satin robe.

As I type, the costume is probably lying trampled on the ground somewhere, while he runs around with a group of happy children wearing cardboard crowns and tiaras.

Medieval king robe
McCalls 5907 (View A)

My review of this pattern can be found on PatternReview.com


  1. Oh wow Liesl - that is A M A Z I N G!!!

    Even if it is getting trampled (but I doubt it) Argy has himself some kick ass dress up threads now!

  2. One very smart looking boy! What did he think?

    Pleased to see you are on the mend (aka back to sewing!). Have you sorted the chaos and the second cat (!!!!).

  3. Wow! You don't muck around do you? Argy looks ace.

  4. Oh wow! SuperHoppoBumpo to the dress up rescue. Argy looks very regal indeed.

  5. Gorgeous, Liesl! Love the puffy white sleeves! I'm sure the princess loved him!

  6. that is great! I would have treasured an outfit like that as a kid and I'm sure the party girl and family will really appreciate the effort in the outfit :)

  7. You don't muck around to you?
    Amazing job.
    Andi :-)

  8. That is sooooo amazing!!! You are so clever!

  9. you are a gem! No matter if it landed on the floor that cape will get many a regal wearing in it's lifetime. What a lucky boy to have such a clever Mum!

  10. so does this mean that you are also up to "drop and pick up" parties? we are still at "parents stay" parties at 6yrs old! makes for a lot of catering! great fancy dress.

  11. Oh no - its was definitely a "parents stay" party ... Mr HB was in attendance!

  12. A wonderful regal outfit. Making fancy dress is one of my favourite things.

  13. Oh yes - I'm all for full fancy dress and I think you did a super job. I did a nearly-all-nighter (and most of the next day) last week for a costume that was nearly the only costume at a "fancy dress party". I say better OVERdressed than under.


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