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December 07, 2008

Eye spy ... something in my garden

I am playing along with Cindy's fun new I spy ... each weekend. This week's theme has been chosen by Cam from Curlypops and its "Eye spy ... something in my garden".

So here is something pretty that you can spy in my garden at the moment. Can you believe that these colours are from just two hydrangea bushes?

Its nice to have some photos of the blooms before warm weather starts to curl and brown the petals and the surrounding foliage. Last summer I tried covering the bushes on the hottest days. I'm sure the neighbors are still wondering what I was doing with that fitted sheet out in the front garden!

Thanks for hosting "I spy" Cindy and for the lovely theme Cam. To see what other people have spied in their gardens, head over to Cindy's blog Bug and Pop.


  1. Such lovely colours...and they make such a pretty mosaic.

  2. Oh my fave - love hydranges, but don't think that's how you spell it!

  3. Wow, I LOVE hydrangeas.
    My parents used to have an excellent on right out the front of their house, I think the heat killed it off one year.
    So sad. Yours are beautiful though.

  4. I love these flowers, they always remind me of my grandmother's blue rinse!

  5. Watermelon in a pot is very adventurous! Much more than my boring corn :)

    He's not a russian blue, just a very pretty domestic. He is very affectionate though!

  6. LUURVE the hydrangeas! AMAZING colors! There is a house near here that has three bushes in a line; one end is blue, and the other end is hot pink. I always try to imagine what they put in the soil to make such a difference four feet apart.

  7. what a great mosaic....I can see why u liked that fabric for yr giveaway

  8. Gorgeous! We have our first little hydrangea and my daughter wants MORE MORE MORE of them!!I hope they turn our half as nice as yours!

  9. All those colours come from only two plants!??? That's very cool. :)

  10. your hydrangeas are grogeous...I hope to grow some too one day.
    I think they look charming diplayed in old vintage jugs.

  11. I love hydrangeas. They always remind me of my grandparents garden.
    My grandpa used to bury nails near them as the iron influences the colour. Perhaps I just made that up, but I seem to remember him doing it.
    Its such a pity they don't last as cut flowers.

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