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November 01, 2008

There's a corella on my umbrella

Put your hand up if you are teacher. Now keep it up if you have to do "yard duty". Now keep it up if its been raining ... and one of these has landed on your umbrella. No?

Thank you to my lovely sister for this photo. This cheeky chap (a corella) did indeed land on her umbrella a couple of days ago (she works at a rural school). He was kind enough to keep her company ... and I'm sure countless children entertained ... while she was on yard duty before school.


  1. Aaaah, yard duty....

    Did you know over here the dinner ladies go down to the playground to be in charge. The teachers get to stay in the nice, warm, DRY school building!!!

  2. What a great photo!! Looks like a friendly chap.

    I recently visited a blog where they had screen printed their umbrella - that might be a good project for you now you have mastered the stencilling!!

  3. Love the photo!
    I am not a fan of my weekly yard duty, but if that cute guy came to keep me company I would change my mind. The students must have loved it!

  4. LOL - We call it "hard duty" at my school. I don't personally have to do it , being a library chick and all and not a bona fide teacher but I have learnt to sympathise.

    With a pet on your brolly, though, I might even volunteer!

  5. We've had tons of corellas in our area recently. I think their calls are adorable, kind of like they are giggling.

  6. Yard duty would definitely be more fun with a corella on your umbrella! Good title for a picture book-love the photo!

  7. Of all the reasons not to become a teacher, yard duty surely sits near the top of the list.
    Love the title of this post. What a relief it wasn't a galah - how'd you go rhyming that one?


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