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August 07, 2008

Is it a walk in the park?

It seems I have moved past open hostility and uneasy truce and am in new place. At the odd moment I have found myself enjoying using the new walking foot for my Janome machine. I think I have been smiling. Maybe even beaming.

I've been experimenting a little, trying out different fabrics and projects. I thought I might finally do a little write-up about this foot over the weekend. As a few nice people had left comments to the effect that they were thinking of buying one of these gizmos, I have had an idea.

Leave a comment before Saturday saying what you had in mind for a walking foot and I will try and test-run and document it for you. I won't make too many rash promises. This will all be limited by my ability ... and of course, how kindly disposed I feel toward said foot, by the weekend!


  1. I couldn't live without my walking foot! It really shows its talent when sewing layers, have fun.

  2. My machine came with a sewing foot and it is still wrapped in plastic. I would love tosee some of your experimentation, give me some confidence to whip it out.

  3. Blogger is playing up thismorning so you may have multiple comments from me...sorry!

  4. I want to make a wash bag, for toiletries, and I am quailing at the thought of dealing with vinyl...I need a walking foot! And a how-to! :p

  5. Thanks for all the comments so far!

    My test-run ideas thus far are:

    (1) Something with lots of layers (thanks for the tip, Katie!)
    (2) Something in the quilted line (though I have to warn you, I've never quilted anything in my life!)
    (3) Vinyl - I have quite a bit left over from a hideous previous project (thanks for the idea, muralimanohar)
    (4) Velvet - my current bete noir!
    (5) Checks/plaid

    Cindy, I'm not sure if your walking foot is a Janome, but I will put together some instructions on how to attach a Janome foot. Janome don't really give you any good instructions or diagrams to go with the foot and I found this very frustrating!

  6. I just bought a walking foot as well, and was going to test it out tonight before the Olympics start, but I've been on the computer reading through my fave blogs instead!! I would say the quilting is a good idea to do, or maybe a bag. Lots of layers with all the interfacing, fusible stuff, whatever it is!!


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