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July 03, 2008

Picture this

My home decorating project (using the lovely Swirls fabric by Hollabee) is finished.


I am now trying to picture how the wall hangings will look on a wall rather than on the (unvacuumed ... but hopefully you can't see that) carpet.

There were no staple gun injuries sustained, but I may not be so fortunate with a hammer.


  1. Your Hollabee canvases turned out well! The colours are the perfect pick me up for this wintry weather.

  2. I have some beautiful fabric in my collection that I really don't want to cut, but something like this would be a great idea for it (I'd realy love to just stare at my fabric all day!). So you just stretched it over a premade canvas, not a frame?

  3. they look so cute! the hardest part is to hang them evenly on the wall....good luck!

  4. Thanks for your nice comments.

    A Spoonful of Sugar, you're right about the colours ... I definitely needed something colourful with all the grey weather we've been having.

    Beth J, yep I just stretched the fabric over cheapie canvases that I bought from Lincraft. Its easy-peasy, as long as you don't staple yourself in the process. :-)

    Curlypops, I hadn't even thought about the issue of lining the wall hangings straight! Sounds like a job for Mr Hoppo Bumpo, who is more spatially aware than me!!

  5. They'll look great on a wall!

    I understand your nervousness with the staple gun. I have a pretty embarrassing history of frequent and gorey finger injuries from all manner of tools and machines.

  6. I love fabric streched over canvas. We did some for a work friend going away present. Got some GREAT fabic from Deka (http://www.dekafurniture.com.au/). Some of their fabrics were distrubingly expensive AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH THEM!!! You have to get the helper to unroll it for you. No touching until you paid.

  7. Oh what a lovely idea! I might have to make some of these for my girls rooms!


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